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Eating Animals: A 2013 - 2014 KCC Reads Book Selection: Homepage

Attention, Readers!

Welcome to the online library guide for Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals!

There are many great resources available in the Kingsborough Library and within the CUNY library network to help students in doing research for the book. This online guide aims to provide you with a convenient access point to these recommended resources.

You will see that the resources are separated into tabs by resource type, from related books to items in academic journals, popular newspapers and magazines, including other media formats and the non-circulating encyclopedias and handbooks in our reference collection. You will even find many of the online references cited in the Notes chapter of the book, complete with current, accessible links. For those interested in knowing more about the author, please refer to the resources on the Book & Author tab. And if you still find yourself wanting more information, use the tab on relevant research groups and support organizations for the latest in research news and developments.

If you place your mouse over those tabs above containing a down-arrow box next to the label, you will get a drop-down menu opening to subpages based on the major themes of the book:

  • Animal Ethics and Welfare: issues of the animal mind and consciousness, our human compassion as deciphered by individual ethics and philosophy, and the exploration of societal commitment to animal rights and welfare
  • Animal Husbandry and Agri-business: issues of the business and economics of traditional versus industrial models of agriculture, and their effects on the role of animals as food supply in our 21st-century, consumer-driven, globalized world economy 
  • Ecology and Impact on the Environment: issues of the immediate and long-term consequences of applying our agri-business model as policy onto the environment and its relations to the sustainability of natural ecosystems and the existing biodiversity, alongside the possibility of global climate change
  • Nutrition and Food Safety: issues of the different eating choices, vegetarianism, proper dieting and nutrition, the study of microbiology (i.e. avian, swine flu, etc.) and its impact on our food supply and security, with appropriate governmental measures to help safeguard public health 

Anytime you run into a problem or question with the information on the library guide, please feel free to use the profile or comment box on the right side of the screen to communicate with your Library LiaisonReference help is always - just around the corner!

If you would like the collection of recommended library resources on this online guide as a file document, use the box to the right () to download the entire bibliography in PDF.

Lastly, if you care to leave a footprint about your reading experience to share with others, please go to the Brainstorming tab.

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